Tiffany's Body
Tiffany's Body
Tiffany's Body
Tiffany's Body
Tiffany's Body

Tiffany's Body

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Tiffany's Body was made for a quickie, small in size


100% real touch,100% waterproof design.
Sex Doll Size : 200mmX140mmX90mm
Material: TPR Silicone
Weight: about 0.85KG
Double channel: Vaginal & anus

Products include:

1 X Silicone Sex Doll

About cleaning

1, preliminary cleaning
Open the used channel inlet slightly, rinse it with clean water, let the dirt in the channel flow out with the clear water, and mix it with your fingers to achieve better results.
Note: Do not use boiling water to prevent the life and elasticity of the mold from being affected.
2, deep cleaning
After the water has been washed, apply the shower gel or hand sanitizer to the inside and outside of the channel, and rinse it after cleaning.
3, wipe dry
Dry the water inside and outside the product passage with a dry cloth and air dry in a well ventilated area to keep the product clean and dry.
4, disinfection storage
Finally, spray the professional toy disinfectant into the inside of the channel, dry it with a dry cloth after one minute, and then apply a layer of talcum powder on the outside of the mold to get the box for the next use.


1.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
2.In order to protect your privacy, we promise send your products in a secret condition.